Justified With Ease.

The Night Armour Velocity DRC instils all the latest technology, at an affordable price. Available in both 40 and 50 inch lengths and versatile mounting options, the Velocity DRC Series has a solution for everyone. A country road or winding hinterland mountain ranges, the Velocity DRC projects an enormous amount of usable light down the road ahead. Join us as we take a closer look at the Velocity Curved Dual Row Light Bar

Velocity Curved Dual Row

5400 Kelvin 5400 Kelvin Cree XTE 5 Watt Diodes

Velocity Curved Dual Row

884M @ 1lux Light Projection of up to 884m at 1lux

Velocity Curved Dual Row

Country Roads The Velocity DRC Loves Open Roads

Velocity Curved Dual Row

5 Year Warranty 5 Year Australia Warranty

Velocity Curved Dual Row

Easily Justified

The Night Armour Velocity DRC is easily justified. Offering state of the art technology with a robust design, the Velocity is a statement of value.

Velocity Curved Dual Row


The Velocity DRC offers a robust construction whilst still maintaining a compact footprint.

Velocity Curved Dual Row


Whether you have the family in the vehicle or a professional driver. Feel safe and drive with confidence knowing your driving with reliable lighting.

Velocity Curved Dual Row


The Night Armour Velocity DRC will be leading the way, no matter your lifestyle. Considerable care has been taken in the manufacturing process to ensure you are never alone in the dark.

Justified With Ease.

Safety and Performance have never been easier.

Maximize reaction time with vision. The night drive should be a safe experience, especially if you’re travelling with family. Combing exceptional build quality and the latest technology, the Night Armour Velocity Curved Dual Row Light Bar now provides a high performance solution to safety at night. High quality diodes offer day like colour characteristics whilst projecting more than enough light down the road ahead.

The tightly pitched spot reflectors allow the Velocity DRC to offer a stunning blend of vision both wide and long. Whilst travelling, your curved Velocity will provide a superb perspective of what’s ahead.

OE Headlights – High Beam vs. Velocity DRC Curved Dual Row Light Bar


Velocity Curved Dual Row


Velocity Curved Dual Row

Instant On. Instant Confidence.

Drive alone with confidence, it’ll change everything.

Relax, you’re in good hands. With over 10 years of heritage in the industrial sector, we know what makes reliable products – and we’ve designed the Velocity DRC Light Bar to be as reliable as possible! The Velocity DRC Curved Dual Row Light Bar integrates 4 stage internal thermal management, reducing the drive to the diodes in the event of extreme conditions, extending the longevity of seals and components.

There is nothing worse than having gear let you down. The Velocity DRC Light Bar has been assembled with high-quality automotive specification components to ensure the products operates as intended, every time. CISPR25 certification forbids the unit from interfering with any electromagnetic or radio interference, keeping communications between other road users clear at all times.


Ergonomic and Compact.

The Velocity DRC Curved Dual Row Light Bar is ergonomic for a full-size LED Light Bar. Only 84mm tall and 88mm deep with a gentle curve allows for a perfect fit for modern day vehicle design. A well thought out mounting system adheres to the latest vehicle designs, where space for larger and full size auxiliary lighting options may not fit.

Adventure Driven.

Jobs feed the wallet. Adventures feed the soul.

Weekend warrior or avid adventurer, the Velocity DRC is ready for it all. We come to understand the sun goes down each day, and sometimes the adventure is only getting started. The Velocity DRC Curved Dual Row Light Bar loves long distance hauls, providing clean and accurate light projection thus reducing fatigue and allowing a safe arrival at your destination. For the hunting enthusiasts, vision is everything.  

Velocity Curved Dual Row

Velocity Curved Dual Row

Velocity Curved Dual Row

Capabilities & Durability.

The Velocity DRC, built to last.

The Velocity DRC surpasses industrial standard with certification and accreditation. No ordinary LED Light Bar, the Velocity DRC isn’t an off the shelf item.

Corrugations, a Way of Life.

When corrugations and rough roads are a part of your lifestyle, the Velocity DRC Curved Dual Row Light Bar has the answer.  The Velocity DRC is assembled with thread-locking material and a stainless steel mount system, capable of handling 20 GRMS of immense shock and vibration. When the going gets rough, the Velocity DRC is always ready.

Communicate Clearly.

No matter where you are, communication is paramount. The Velocity DRC circuit board is laced with automotive specification components, allowing for interference-free communications, no matter the device. CISPR25 certification crowns the Velocity DRC with the high level of noise suppression available. Communicate clearly whilst battling the night drive!

Rain, Hail or Shine.

Water ingress is now a figment of the imagination. The Velocity DRC Curved Dual Row Light Bar is IP69K rated, certified with the highest level of ingress protection available. If you are requiring LED driving bar that will go the distance without leaking– The Velocity DRC is there and waiting!


Exceptional Performance. Every time.

The performance is the mere result of a well engineered LED Light Bar. The Velocity DRC Curved Dual Row Light Bar produces up to 884m of light and up to 96m of width making small talk of the night ahead.


The Velocity DRC integrates high binned rated 5400 Kelvin 5w CREE XTE diodes. CREE manufacture the highest performing diode to date, whilst excelling in reliability and stability. The Velocity DRC Curved Dual Row Light Bar didoes are driven at their peak luminous efficiency of 68%.

Printed Circuit Board

The Velocity DRC has been assembled with high quality automotive specification components, resulting in the reduction of electrical noise and a substantial increase in stability and thermal control. Wider printed circuits allow current to flow with less resistance, driving a cleaner and more consistent power to each diode.

Heat, The Biggest Killer.

Advanced IC drivers are integrated to closely monitor thermal level to ensure the diodes are not overdriven to the respective thermal conditions. Failing to properly integrate thermal management will result in severe lumen output per diodes and/or premature component failure.

Optical Reflector

The Velocity DRC is comprised tightly pitch 5° spot reflectors. To ensure limited wasted light, the gentle curve and array of spot reflectors give a ‘band’ of light, reducing wasted light volume hitting the ground. The result is 96m of width, perfectly complimenting up to 884m of distance.

Velocity Curved Dual Row

Gentle Curve

The gentle curve of the Velocity DRC makes for a perfect fit on modern day vehicles.

Velocity Curved Dual Row

Injected Genuine Deutsch Connector

Ensure a water proof, tight fit. Genuine Deutsch plugs are integrated on all Night Armour products and harnesses.

Velocity Curved Dual Row

Robust Fixings

Robust mounting hardware and lamp fixings are used to ensure rust and corrosion will not become apparent.

Velocity Curved Dual Row

GE Lexan Lens

Night Armour Velocity DRC integrates the shatterproof GE Lexan Lens to ensure rock solid performance for years to come

Warranty & Support.

Rest easy. You’re in good hands.

Night Armour strives to look after our customers. Rest easy, Night Armour is Australian business founded in Queensland. We have 11 years experience in the industry and will be more than happy to tend to your technical questions and assist you in every way possible. The Velocity DRC Curved Dual Row Light Bar is covered with a 5-year replacement warranty. If ever an issue were to occurs, you are more than welcome to lodge a warranty claim.


40inch 80x 5w CREE XTE Diodes 14.48 A @ 13.7v 19,836 Effective Lumens


50inch 100x 5w CREE XTE Diodes 17.17 A @ 13.7v 24,360 Effective Lumens

Additional information


Designed with DriveSYNC Technology


9-36V DC


End Foot Mount


5 years


Vibration dampened and shockproof to 20G

Light Beam

5° Pencil Reflectors


IP69K – Water Proof up to 3 meters


Waterproof Deutsch® connector


Wiring Harness Included


6061 Aluminum Extrusion


Reverse Polarity Protection